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Here are three reasons why an online travel PR campaign that generates links from high quality websites is really important to you. You’ll read them and think they’re obvious – but what are you doing to get people linking to your website?

Links from websites direct people to your site

Incoming links show traffic the way to your website

3 reasons links matter

If your company has a crisis, how will you use social media to communicate with your customers?

The essence of social media is talking to people at an individual level rather than pushing your  corporate messages at them, but can you afford to be personal at all times? Is your travel PR ready for a crisis?

Is TripAdvisor responsible for closing hundreds of British hotels, guesthouses and B&Bs or has the industry got it knickers in an unnecessary twist?

Channel 4's Attack of the Trip Advisors gave plenty of insights for hoteliers ready to embrace the website

More Attack of the TripAdvisors

  • National press websites ranked by the quality of their incoming links.
  • Target press coverage to boost your own search engine rankings.

Guardian.co.uk is the most influential website for online travel marketers. Find out which national travel sites give best linksd.

  • UK’s biggest linking national travel section revealed
  • Which national newspapers refuse to hyperlink

The linking policies of UK national travel press vary widely with some big-brand newspapers refusing to include hyperlinks to companies they have covered in articles. [continue reading…]

  • Timing more important to position than engagement
  • No place for brands in Top Stories

 In September Facebook changed the layout of its News Feed and the results are have moved the goal posts for travel marketers. [continue reading…]

I reviewed the Facebook Pages (or lack of) for 13 of the biggest UK tour operators to see if and how they are using on Facebook.

The results are revealing and show a mixed reaction from the industry, with several tour operators devoting time and resource to their page, but other big names giving Facebook a miss completely. Read more