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I reviewed the Facebook Pages (or lack of) for 13 of the biggest UK tour operators to see if and how they are using on Facebook.

The results are revealing and show a mixed reaction from the industry, with several tour operators devoting time and resource to their page, but other big names giving Facebook a miss completely.

Travel brands with 0 Facebook fans

Perhaps surprisingly, major brands including Thomson, Haven and Trailfinders have no official presence. Other big names including Saga Holidays and Shearings seem to be absent to, although this could be a reflection of their older customer base.

Top Facebook Pages for UK tour operators

Of the very biggest brands Thomas Cook has an impressive 13,000 fans (although that’s almost half the number their French company has) but First Choice is a long way behind with 3,000 fans.

Virgin Holidays’ funky Rock Star service campaign leads the way on their Facebook page and they have 14,000 fans, but they’re not quite the leader of the pack.

Facebook’s leading tour operator

The Facebook daddy of all UK tour operators is Butlins, with more than 20,000. It’s a great site, one to use as a template when setting up your own Facebook Page.

New users land on a bright and breezy landing page with quick links to the most important parts of Butlins’ website (they’re on Facebook to sell, after all). Head over to the wall and there are hundreds (literally) of posts from customers, most of whom sing the praises of their Butlins break.

A nice touch too is how Butlins set out to manage expectations for such a busy hub, declaring that they’re people not robots so will reply when and where possible.

Facebook marketing tips for travel companies

  • Create a strong landing page that links to your website
  • Always include a call to action when you post (comment, like, follow the link…)
  • Set expectations so people know you can’t always reply

Does your company have a Facebook Page? Does it bring you any benefit?