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Here are three reasons why an online travel PR campaign that generates links from high quality websites is really important to you. You’ll read them and think they’re obvious – but what are you doing to get people linking to your website?

Links from websites direct people to your site

Incoming links show traffic the way to your website

Links boost your search engine ranking

Incoming links from good and relevant websites boost your search engine rankings. If a travel news website such as guardian.co.uk, a blog such as 101Holidays.co.uk/blog, or a community such as netmums.com links to your site, Google views this as a vote of confidence for your content and ranks you higher in search results. The better the site that links to you, the bigger the vote of confidence. So a site with lots of good quality links will rank more highly than one with none.

Links bring traffic

People follow links like drivers follow road signs, so links bring traffic to your website. Plus, people who follow links from websites have already read or seen something about you, so they are pre-qualified leads.

Links = leaders

When other people link to your content, they are telling their readers you are a company they admire. This helps to build trust and positions you as a market leader.

Here’s a useful link for you: how one company used links to build their business. Drop me an email you’d like to do the same.

Links are really important in the online world, but what are you doing to get them?