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  • National press websites ranked by the quality of their incoming links.
  • Target press coverage to boost your own search engine rankings.

Guardian.co.uk is the most influential website for online travel marketers.

The site tops the chart of national UK press websites ranked by the value of their incoming links.

Second in the list is Telegraph.co.uk followed by DailyMail.co.uk. The website for the UK’s biggest selling daily newspaper, The Sun, is rated sixth most important in the list.

The most influential travel sites ranked

UK travel press link rankings

A list of the most powerful UK travel press websites by the quality of their incoming links

Rankings have been compiled using Link Builder, a tool which measures the number of incoming links to websites to rate their importance. A website with lots of incoming links is deemed authoritative and likely to be ranked higher by Google.

Lots of incoming links to your website will help move you up the search rankings, and links from authority sites are worth more than links from non-authority sites.

Planning your online travel public relations campaign

  1. Getting coverage on the website of a national newspaper is a great way to generate valuable incoming links which will help boost your website up the search engine rankings.
  2. Understanding which websites give you most link benefit is important when planning your online public relations campaign.