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Achieving coverage on news websites, blogs and even creating content that gets shared across social media is important for several reasons:

  • It’s brand building – get covered on the quality websites and those readers will be influenced
  • It drives traffic – get written about on a well-read website and those readers will come to your website to find out more
  • It’s great for search rankings – search engines measure the number and quality of incoming links to rank your website in results

But getting coverage on the best websites is not easy. You must convince an editor, journalist or blogger that your story is right for their readers, and that’s where a public relations expert can help.

Online press releases

An effective campaign will identify the websites that provide the most valuable coverage and find the story that will hook them in.

For every online press release, I follow this process:

  • Interview the client, test the product, identify the selling points
  • Research the audience to understand their needs
  • Categorize the website and blog targets that have the most authority
  • Identify the article style and tone to get the best results
  • Agree a content structure and list of targets
  • Then, finally, I’ll start on the text

If you have a really great story or a new product launch a hard-working online press release is for you. Contact me for your free press campaign plan.